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V. Keeler & Associates has been in business since 1972. We are a highly visible company known as the leader in the local construction industry. V. Keeler & Associates, is committed to providing innovative and top-quality services in a profitable environment. We believe our first responsibility is to the customers who utilize our services.

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Current Projects

City of New Orleans - Housing Department New Orleans, LA.

2007 - Demolition / Asbestos Abatement - Single, Multi - Family and Commercial Dwellings

1 Story to 3 Story

Project Amount Range - $14,000.00 to $326,000.00

Walton Construction New Olreans, LA.

2007 - Walnut Square Project - Demolition / Site Preparation

Square Foot Range - 72,800sf Concrete Demolition / 132,600sf Clearing and Grubbing, Backfill Site

Cubic Yard Range - 8000cy